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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Food Safety Modernization ACT (FSMA) are the most sweeping food safety laws enacted in more than 70 years. Signed into law, it aims to ensure the US food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to food contaminations to preventing them. The FSMA implementation teams have developed many ideas for how the FDA can better oversee the food industry. With the FDA beginning enforcement of this ACT throughout the food supply chain, the almond industry and how the almonds are stored will be affected. Amond World Refrigerated Cold Storage Facilities were developed to strengthen the global food safety system and enhance these protections for public health.

Refrigerated cold storage will eliminate the need for fumigation, which reduces costs and exposure to propylene oxide gases. Today, the process of fumigation of raw almonds could be putting the health of many at risk. Fumigating almonds with propylene oxide (PPO) is done by placing the almonds into a closed chamber that is then exposed to propylene oxide gas. The almonds are fumigated every 30-45 days as they are stored in dry storage warehouses. “Certified Organic” almond products cannot be fumigated and will benefit the most from refrigerated cold storage and holding the almonds in a controlled environment, may be in the best interest of the seller as well as the consumer.  Verdan Tech Solutions has developed a comprehensive technology to diminish or eliminate the use of the toxic fumigant phosphine (propylene oxide (PPO), at a cost no greater than phosphine and with equal or greater efficacy. Amond World, LLC and Verdan Tech Solutions have established a working business relationship for the benefit of client relationship services, providing the highest and best state-of-the-art mandated practices to eliminate the use of Phosphine Insecticides, which is the predominate insecticide that has been used by the entire almond industry for decades.

Almond Board of California: Almond Shelf Life

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