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Amond World is developing a state-of-the-art refrigerated cold storage facility in the Madera Airport Industrial Park to specifically support farmers and processors. Cold Storage will increase profitability, extend almond shelf life by up to two years, and simplify hold costs and logistics. Our builder, Span Construction, will deliver two 254,000 sq. ft. buildings with the first to be completed by May 2023. Each building will hold approximately 50 million pounds of bins and/or finished product.​

Cold Storage Certification will be provided for all products stored in the Amond World facility. Our in-house food and safety certified inspector has created rigorous quality and inspection controls to insure that all stored products will be maintained at the highest level of integrity, supporting higher value. We also intend to provide a new organic fumigation technique prior to entering the facility to diminish the constant and unsustainable use of fumigant propylene oxide (PPO) on products stored in our facility.​

Integrity First and Sebastian will provide the best inventory and traceability solution technologies through a web-based system that securely automates record keeping, providing real-time inventory control and visibility, anytime, anywhere. They also provide for computerized temperature control for accuracy efficiencies, to maintain a temperature between 32°F to 40°F/humidity 55% and alarm monitoring for both high and low temperature fluctuations, monitoring the fire and security alarm along with video surveillance, all 24/7.​

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